Observation Survey (2014-2015)





You are about to take part in a short online survey about people's perceptions of fire situations. This may take around 10 minutes of your time. Survey responses will be saved, coded and then stored in a secure database. This data will be analysed by researchers from the LIFEBID project team, headed by the University of Greenwich. Findings will be disseminated at conferences, in journal articles, and so forth; however, survey responses will always be reported in an anonymous form.


Data is being collected for research purposes only and will not be passed onto third parties for other means. Any personal details provided will be deleted within three years of the end of the project. Please note, some people may find some of the survey's subject matter to be of a sensitive nature. However, you are free to withdraw from this study at any time, and do not need to give a reason for doing so.


If you would like to ask questions or make any comments about the survey or the LIFEBID research project, please contact the research team by emailing: LIFEBID@gre.ac.uk